Expired? Don’t Let it Happen Again

Your listing just expired and your home is no longer for sale.

You’re probably pretty unset and I can’t blame you.

You just knew your home was going to sell and yet here you are… 90, 120, eve 180 days later, and your home hasn’t sold.

You probably thought you had to make drastic price reductions to get the home sold… and still didn’t sell it.

The Good News is this:

Just because your home didn’t sell, doesn’t mean it won’t sell. Also, just because your home didn’t sell, doesn’t mean it was priced wrong.

Sesha D: “Amit was the instrumental factor in the successful sale of our home. Even in a market as robust as silicon valley, it is important to have the best representation in the marketing and sales process”

My name is Amit Inamdar…. and I am 100% confident that when you list your home with me, I can sell your home at a price acceptable to you. I’m so confident, that I offer two different Guarantees to help you sell your home.

I sell expired listings.

Home SOLD in 45 Days or You Pay No Commission!

We guarantee to sell your home within 45 days of listing in MLS. With state-of-the-art marketing, expert negotiating and first class real estate consulting on our side, we are confident your home will sell quickly. IF it doesn’t sell withing 45 days, you can cancel the listing agreement and not pay us a dime in commissions.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed Or you can Fire Us!

Our purpose is for you to be so outrageously happy with the service we provide you, that you will gladly refer us your friends and family when they need real estate consulting. We are confident that you will be more than pleased with our professionalism, availability and hard work. IF you are not, then you can fire us at any time, no questions asked!*

Ravi N.: “I was impressed by the professionally prepared and thoughtfully presented marketing material Amit developed after interviewing us. Honestly speaking, Amit exceeded my expectations ten folds in every aspect of the selling process”

Your Goals and my goals are the same – Sell your home for the best possible price, in a time frame that works for you and your family with the least amount of hassle. To assist you with the process, my team and I have created a number of programs to drive more buyers to your home than any agent in the area.

To learn about how our special programs can work to get your home sold, watch this 50 minute Webinar: Get Top Dollars for your Home.(Watch Now!) Also, while you are watching the webinar, we will work on sending you initial valuation of your home based on AVM and RVM methodologies. All these resources are FREE! The webinar will show you a step-by-step process about how to sell your home for top dollar.

Sheena R. “Amit’s focused and enthusiastic approach to selling made us feel at ease. His experience, negotiation skills and spirited people skills worked in our favor.”

If you are ready to get your home sold, find out how I get more buyers to your home by providing exclusive incentives for both sellers and buyers. And our comprehensive marketing efforts are designed to entice the real estate agent community to show your home FIRST… before they even consider showing your competition’s homes!

Our reputation and comprehensive marketing strategies increase showing traffic on my listings dramatically. To see how we use these programs to get your home to stand out when agents are selecting homes to show their buyers, watch our Webinar: Get Top Dollars for your Home.(Watch Now!)

Shyam M. Amit and his team were completely on top of things related to sale and openly communicative. This gave me a peace of mind and made the entire process very smooth and stress free. Amit has been extremely transparent and professional and provided right guidance at the right time. Highly recommended and will gladly do business with him again. Own Sweet Home!

If you’re ready to sell your house this time instead of just listing it… then call me immediately at (510) 364 6686.


Amit Inamdar, Realtor, Own Sweet Home Realty!

Specializing in Selling Expired Listings!

CA DRE 01355522, NMLS 236574 Own Sweet Home Realty!

Just SOLD!

‘* After 90 days of listing on MLS seller can exercise the easy exit agreement.