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If buying your first home was a long decision making process, then selling your home is even a tougher one. You are planning to part with a place you have called home for years, seen your kids grow up, and made friends for life in and around the neighborhood.

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Own Sweet Home understands your situation and is ready and eager to help you plan for your next move – relocation. A move for better life ahead should start with sound decisions while selling your home. Armed with market knowledge and market data, we will advice you to properly price your property. You can always use our online home valuation to find the value of your home. By providing you with the initial estimate, we will fine tune the marketing value by visiting your home, understanding all the improvements you have made to your property and advice you on proper plan of action.

If you are buying another home and selling this one, we will provide you with detailed financial analysis and make your decision to buy first or sell first easier to understand and execute.

Our constant internet advertising has crated a significant buyer pool in our database. We will leverage these buyers for quick sale of your home.

Our Professional Home Selling Services start with suggesting marketing value for your home, preparing your home for sale to making it getting sold.

Marketing value of your home:

Market value, appraised value, assessed value and marketing value of your home are different values of your home based on who is valuing your home. In an open market, market determines the value of your property. Market value is the value of your home where you and buyers agree. Marketing value of the home is value suggested by professionals at Own Sweet Home to get you the maximum price in shorted possible time that the market will bear. Appraised value is the opinion of value by the licensed appraiser based on property and market conditions during past 90 days. Assessed value is the value you pay taxes on to county assessor.

With through analysis of the market and your home condition we will provide you with the marketing value of your home. Once agreed, we will provide you with Seller’s NET sheet so you know approximate value of the proceeds at the close of transaction.

The Marketing Calender:

This is our working document, a plan of action! We will develop a marketing calender based on our expertise and your inputs. This will let you know what to expect during the marketing and transaction periods. This calender will be updated based on the ongoing home feedback from prospective buyers, Realtors and brokers.

Preparing your home for sale:

We have an extensive list of to do items that will get your property in best possible condition and be ready for the market. It is absolutely vital that prospective buyers form a good opinion of your home from the moment they drive up. Homes that convey pride of ownership often sell more quickly and frequently receive the best offers.

Neighborhood Property Tours:

Knowing your competition is half the battle. Then presenting your home that beats the competition is formula for quicker sale. We will provide you with the neighborhood tours so you can see what prospective buyers are seeing. You will know what the buyers are comparing your home to.

The First Impressions:

From curb appeal to home staging, you will get expert advice. We will show you how to maximize emotional appeal, visually create more space, stage effective lighting for inviting comfort, and make the prospective home buyer feel welcomed.

The Legal Disclosures:

Sellers are required to disclosure any material facts known to them that affect the value of the property. There are number of statutory disclosures seller is required to provide buyer. We have extensive list of these disclosures to help you with the selling process. Who needs hassles after the home is sold? From obtaining and reviewing the title ownership report to coordinating your lender payoffs, and your closing, we will be there with you. We wil have them ready to answer any questions prospective home buyers may have.

The First Open House:

This is an exciting day! We have made so much preparation for the big day, and we want to make it big. From inviting buyers from our exclusive database, inviting your neighbors, active brokers in the neighborhood to extensive internet advertising we make sure your home gets the maximum exposure for a quick sale. We will answer buyer questions, handle their objections and encourage them to present offer on the property.

Communication During Marketing:

We will inform you on regular basis the feedback we receive from prospective buyers. This helps you make changes to property condition and selling terms and helps us to make changes to property marketing strategy. We will seek feedback not only from buyers but also from Realtors and brokers who visit the property. Ongoing improvements are integral part of every effective marketing strategy.

Analyzing Offers and Negotiating for You:

When offers are presented with price and terms, we will help you understand them and suggest right course of action to better negotiate on your behalf. Market conditions and buyer situations play a role in negotiations. Whether it is for a quicker close of escrow or a possible rent back until your new home is ready, we will help you cover all needed aspects. In case of multiple offer scenario, we will present you our offer comparison chart and show you the net proceeds and profits in each case. We will provide our recommendations for selecting an offer for a hassle free sale.

Our Loan Expertise:

Worst thing that can happen in a transaction is a buyer fall-out. The tough lending environment many properties come back on the market. We will make sure the prospective buyer is well qualified to purchase your home. We will ask buyer’s lender buyer specific questions to make sure the buyer qualifies to buy your property. We are always abreast of changing lending environment and our loan expertise are there to help you. This is one of the unique advantage of the Own Sweet Home services that many real estate brokerages cannot offer.

Communication During Transaction:

Once in contract with the buyers, we will monitor all contractual actions buyers and you are signed up for. They include, getting the deposit from the buyers into escrow, monitoring inspection schedules, appraisals, loan approvals and removal of buyer contingencies. We will coordinate lender payoff, seller proceeds and any other contractual obligations that are required at closing table.

The Closing:

We will coordinate the signing into the escrow with you and attend the closing. We will explain the seller’s estimated proceeds and coordinate any changes that may be required with the escrow holder.

Yes! It’s Closed!

Need help moving, we will provide you with a list of moving companies and moving tips to make your transition as smooth as possible.

On details of our extensive marketing plan and get the right marketing value of your home, please contact me. This no-obligation meeting will educate you on current markets, home selling advice and details of our professional service.

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