Amit Inamdar

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Amit Inamdar, MBA, Broker, Owner.

I’m in your network:
For all I know, I am already in your network. Check out my profiles on professional and social websites like: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. You will find someone you know knows me already.
We’re small firm and our only focus is: YOU
I am local and I will work with you. You will be working with me and not a large company. I am also a Radio Show host and my radio show archives can be found on Video section of my website under Radio-Power Hour with Amit Inamdar. 2 minute real estate tidbits can also be found under the same section. The Calculators section of the Website has variety of Calculators for different loan scenarios, refinance, extra payment on mortgage and also a quick pre-qualification Calculator. The Schools section lists various links that help you find a good school as well as neighborhoods with good schools. In our one-on-one meeting I will walk you through the various aspects and how to use all resources on my website for loan as well as neighborhood selection.
Sell your property with us
If you are a seller and want to purchase another property, I can analyze your existing home and loan situation and help you with your plans for relocating to your next home. There is always a question of to buy first or to sell first. My detailed analysis of your situation along with market conditions and suitability for additional loan will help you make a decision that is easy on your budget and streamlined to have least amount of inconvenience to you. When deciding to sell, our marketing services are second to none. Starting with traditional marketing services of color flyers, MLS advertising and yard signs we take your home marketing to a whole new level. Being an engineer and having owned and operated a software company, I have extensive expertise in web based marketing. Your home will be exposed to thousands of home buyers in short possible time. Our goal is to get you the highest price in the shortest possible time that the market will bear.
Get a competitive loan rate from us
For the borrowers who are in the market to obtain a loan to purchase a property or refinancing the existing one, I have acceess to over 120 mortgage lenders. This assures that you will get the lowest possible interest rate. We also have no point and no out-of-pocket loans available for you. We offer both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages.
Buy property from us
If you are in the market to buy property, I will understand your requirements to guide you properly for the right neighborhood for your family needs. Based on your financial and debt situation I will advise you to properly structure your loan and provide you with loan prequalification. Many times, just working with your requirements with market and neighborhood knowledge, I am able to help you fine tune your buying requirements. You can also watch my free webinar for First Time Home Buyers.