7 Step Smart Move Program


Seven (7) Step Smart Move program is specially designed for sellers to get TOP DOLLARS for their home.  You can request the detailed Home Selling Presentation designed to get you the Top Dollars.  Skill in selling a home is in the preparations that go in before home goes into market, followed by aggressive marketing, successful negotiations, managing the transaction through escrow and celebrating the successful sale.  Selling a home requires expertise in marketing, negotiations, home improvements that pay, neighborhood sales analysis and attention to details to make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed.  Amit has expertise in all these fields starting with his MBA in Marketing, Certification as the Real Estate Negotiations Expert, Experience in the Real Estate Sales since 2001 and his engineering background that allows him to analyse all available data and advice you objectively based on the important neighborhood factors that affect the value of the home.

Remember when you bought this home?  It took a long time to make a decision to buy.  Selling is even more difficult.  You not only have to sell, you also have to buy another home. What should you do? Buy First or Sell First?  Do you have enough income and assets to own both the homes?  With my extensive knowledge of the loan programs, your income, assets and home equity, I can guide you and plan a detailed moving plan.  after this consultation, buying first or selling first or even becoming a landlord decisions will be easy.

The Carefully crafted 7 Step Smart Move Program is based on years of experience combined with home pricing analysis and aggressive marketing.  Here are the 7 Steps that provide a comprehensive approach to home selling.Real Estate Pricing and Marketing

  1. Selling Consultation and Home Preparation
  2. Developing Pricing Strategy
  3. Developing Customized Marketing Strategy
  4. Understanding Your Role as Seller
  5. Negotiating the Price and Terms of the Purchase Contract
  6. Managing the Transaction Through Closing
  7. Celebrating a Successful Sale

Preparation is at the heart of the successful sale.  Careful preparation and planning helps you sell your home in a short period of time.  My goal is to get you the highest price
by carefully planning your home sale, in shortest possible time and with the last amount of inconvenience to you.  We have supply chain of home improvement contractors including, the painters, electricians, handymen, remodeling contractors, landscape designers, home inspectors and like to get your home ready for the market.  We prepare your home in advance to avoid painful buyer demands that may hurt your bottom line.  Knowing the home selling process, we know where buyers can get an upper hand in the transaction, and we make sure we are ready.

One of the major factors in the home sale is sellers understanding their role and not compromising the upcoming negotiations.  Real Estate disclosures that affect the terms and prSuccessful Home Saleice of the home sale are critical component.  We advice you and prepare all required statutory disclosures for buyers to review. Disclosures are so critical that an unwelcome discovery may lead to lawsuit and liability for the sellers.

My listing presentation has number of explanatory graphics to understand the impact of pricing on the successful home sale.  How does one price a home in seller’s market vs how to price a home in buyer’s market?  Comparative market Analysis is a good tool, however, leave lot of money on the table when not adjusted for the market conditions.  How long should you market the home? Should you accept that one offer that appears right away?  Should you price high and lower later? Should you leave room for negotiations? All these questions are answered in my listing presentation while developing a pricing strategy.

My custom home marketing plan is so comprehensive that it leverages the traditional methods of marketing and enhances them using the internet, social media, video marketing, home visitor feedback and virtual tours.  Our public open houses, our broker only open houses and our neighborhood twilight open houses have brought in prospective buyers to the property who have written winning offers on the home.

Call me and request access to my home seller webinar “How To Get Top Dollars For Your Home When You Sell”.  Learn the secrets so you know what it takes to get high price in shortest possible time and with least amount of inconvenience to you.  Remember, all you really need is that one “qualified” buyer who pays the highest price for your home and is emotionally committed to purchase.